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Male and Female Tattoos - The Difference

            In today’s society, it is acceptable for both women and men to get their bodies tattooed.  When choosing a tattoo, there are no firm rules for what a woman should do versus what a man should do.  However, there are some common practices in our society that allow women to make a tattoo more feminine while men can make a tattoo more masculine.  Regardless of what tattoo design, style, or placement you choose, make sure the choice is right for you.  As long as you are happy with your tattoo, these guidelines are simply that – guidelines to consider, not rules to follow.

Tattoo Placement:  Traditionally, men will get tattoos that are located on their arms (either forearm or bicep area) and upper back.  Women, on the other hand, tend to opt for tattoos located on the curve of their hips, the lower back, back of a shoulder blade, or near the ankle.

Tattoo Size:  While there is nothing that dictates that tattoo size needs to be gender specific, men tend to have larger tattoos while women tend to choose smaller, more delicate tattoos for their bodies.  The important thing to consider when deciding on your tattoo size is to consider how it will look with your body shape and size.

Tattoo Coloring:  The most important thing to remember when choosing tattoo colors is to make sure they compliment your skin and normal clothing preferences.  However, women tend to choose softer, more pastel colors while men often select bold and vibrant colors for their tattoos.


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