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Are Tattoos a Fad?

            Tattoos have definitely become more popular within the last couple decades, especially among the younger population (teenagers and college students).  However, whether or not the rise in popularity for tattoos is permanent still remains to be seen.  Regardless of whether you classify tattoo popularity as a temporary fad or a permanent societal culture shift, the fact remains that the art of tattooing your body has been around for thousands of years.

            If you are considering a tattoo for yourself, don’t worry about whether tattoo art will be in fashion forty years from now or not.  Instead, take a conservative approach and locate the tattoo in a spot on your body that can easily be covered if tattoos are no longer trendy.  Additionally, make sure the tattoo is not something you are doing to be cool or popular; instead, get one because you really want it and it means something to you.  This will help ensure that the tattoo will have continued meaning to you, even if the art of tattooing is no longer popular.

            Over the last century, the popularity of tattooing has changed dramatically, however, the art form of the tattoo will last throughout these changes.  Tattoo art is a form of self-expression and will continue to be one into the future as well.  If you want to get a tattoo, but are worried about the fad ending, ask yourself why you really want the tattoo in the first place.

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